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“We aim to provide the highest quality care to your pet through every stage of its life.


Our highly qualified Veterinarians, each with areas of expertise, work as a team to make your local Veterinarian at Philip Mall something special.


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Our team of experienced veterinary surgeons and nurses are devoted to the well-being of your pet. We treat every patient as if it were our own. We all truly love what we do and want you and your pet to feel comforted and cared for.


In our purpose-built hospital we offer complete surgical, medical, and hospital facilities all from our West Pymble location at Philip Mall. With in-house laboratory for fast results and on-site diagnostic tools such as digital radiology, ultrasound and endoscopy you can have peace of mind that your pet is well cared for.


Important Information

Pymble Vets are still paying close attention to Covid updates and keeping safety at the forefront of our minds.

We are pleased to announce that we can continue to provide care for your pets during this COVID-19 pandemic.
We are taking this seriously and implementing many extra hygiene protocols during this time to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.

One of these measures is our decision to divide our staff into 2 teams. Our teams will not cross-over at any time and strict cleaning measures are in place between teams. This ensures that hopefully we will always have a team to provide care for your pets. If one team member was to get sick then only that team will need to be isolated and the other team can continue to manage our patients. Many businesses throughout Australia are taking this approach and we think it is a sensible idea.

Our contactless consultations are currently going well and I believe we are still providing a great service to our community. I do ask for some patience in the coming weeks if we miss the odd phone call or take a little time getting back to your emails however as you can imagine with our team cut in half we will be struggling a little with some of reception duties. Our priority is the nursing and veterinary care of our patients. We will however endeavour to return to any emails or phone messages as quickly as we are able.

Thankyou in advance and I wish all of our community the very best for these coming weeks ahead.

Love to you all
From Martine and The Pymble Vet Team.

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Periodontal disease is the number one disease affecting our pet’s mouths after the age of two. Bad breath is the most common sign! This damage can be reversed by your veterinarian with a proper dental cleaning or “prophy”. Most pet owners think that “doggy or kitty” breath is normal. Book your pet in today for a “free dental check” and we can assess if a cleaning procedure is required.


Vaccinations provide protection against key viruses that cause severe or even life-threatening illness. At this time we perform an annual health check for your pet. One year is a long time in a pet’s life. Not visiting the vet for a year is comparable to a person not visiting a doctor for 7 years! This is an opportunity for your Veterinarian to perform a thorough examination of your pet and for you to discuss any concerns, questions or abnormalities that may have arisen in the previous 12 months.


One of Dr Martines passions is chemotherapy. Having had an abundance of experience with this whilst working as a Medical Registrar at Sydney University Veterinary Teaching Hospital we are fortunate to have her experience here at Pymble Vet Clinic. The bond we have with our chemotherapy patients is truly special and we thrive on giving pet owners more quality time with their pets. Chemotherapy is often quite different from the chemotherapy we hear about in humans. With often no or minimal side effects we can prolong and improve your pets quality of life.


Desexing has health benefits – it helps to minimise the risk of cancers of the reproductive organs and mammary glands in females, and reduces the incidence of prostate problems and testicular cancer in males. These procedures are usually performed at 4-6 months of age. Desexed pets are less likely to roam, urine-mark their territory, or display excessive sexual or aggressive behaviour. Your pet will stay in hospital with us for the day. Please phone our friendly staff for more information or to book you pet in for this procedure.


Our Veterinarians are highly qualified in all medical matters. A physical examination of your pet can often tell us a lot however if more information is required we can run blood tests in house for quick results. Our advanced diagnostic tools such as endoscopy, digital radiology and ultrasound can also be performed on-site when further investigations are required.


In addition to routine surgeries such as desexing and dentistry we can perform a multitude of other procedures from simple lump removals to advanced surgical procedures and orthopaedics. Our wonderful surgical nurses are committed to the best recovery for your patients and with high quality anaesthetic monitoring equipment you can have peace of mind that your pet is in good hands. In the treatment room your pets recovery will be monitored careful and pain relief provided in line with the highest care and standards.

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The deadly paralysis tick is in the Pymble area and thrives in the warmer weather!

Fortunately however with our latest tick preventions we can keep our pets safer than ever before.

We recommend Bravecto and offer a special loyalty service with great savings and also send you SMS reminders to help you keep your pet up-to-date!

Is your pet up to date? Please come in and discuss your options with one of our friendly nurses.

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Clinic Phone Number: (02) 9499 4010

After Hours Emergency: (02) 9452-2933 

Events and Offers

Aug 2021



Did you know that animal’s teeth are just like ours? Could you imagine if you did not brush your teeth for 2, 5 or even 10 years?

Dental disease is one of the most common problems diagnosed in pets, with Australian vets finding four out of five dogs and cats over the age of three years exhibit some level of dental disease.

Dental health is so important and to promote good dental health for our pets we have some amazing offers happening in August.

We will be having 10% off all dental procedures!
And welcome ALL pet’s for their free dental health check!
We will also be having sales on some of our best dental products and Hills premium pet food!

To book your dog or cat in for their FREE DENTAL CHECK please call (02) 9499 4010 or pop in and see one of our friendly staff!


More than a VET

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Puppy Classes

Our puppy schools are fun and relaxed. We use the latest and gentle positive reward training methods, which DO NOT include the use of aggression or check chains. The classes are designed to teach your puppy basic social behaviour and to share with you our puppywise training methods so you can maintain these skills at home. As the puppy classes get filled very quickly, please don’t wait until the last minute to call as it may become too late. We want your puppy to start classes in their peak socialisation period.

Rescue Kittens

We re-home abandoned kittens and sometimes older cats also. If you are looking for a kitten please pop in or give us a call as we are always looking for forever homes.

All our kittens have had a complete health check, are microchipped and up to date with vaccinations, worming and flea/tick prevention. In addition, we test all our kittens for feline infectious diseases such as feline aids and feline leukemia to make sure your new pet is happy and healthy.

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