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At the Pymble Vet clinic, our aim is to provide the highest quality care to your pet through every stage of its life. We are located within Philip Mall in the heart of West Pymble, making it easy to pop in and see us.

What we love to do

Our aim is to provide the highest quality care to your pet through every stage of its life.

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Things we do 

Our Services

All Services Offered
Elective Surgeries
Orthopaedics and Advanced surgical procedures
Complete Companion Animal Care
Pathology Services on site
Diagnostic Ultrasonography
Echocardiology and electrocardiography
Dietary and Nutritional Counselling
Behaviour Consultations
Examinations, Vaccinations, Surgery and Medicine
Exotic Pet and Bird Medicine
Geriatric Care
Senior classes
Medical Diagnostics and Hospitalised Treatment
Pet Food and Supplies
Pregnancy Ultrasonography
Puppy Socialisation Classes
Kitten rescue services and re-homing
Routine Surgeries
Wellness and Preventative Medicine
Oncology including chemotherapy
Puppy Classes

Our classes are fun and relaxed


John Vella
Dogwise Master Dog Behavioural Trainer Specialist
Mobile: 0400707388
Email: john@dogwisetraining.com.au

Visit: www.dogwisetraining.com.au 

Pet Boarding


We have 6 beautiful purpose built and architect designed cat condos with private litter area, bedroom and even a playrun for the cats!

Feel free to come and see our facilities.

Cat Boarding in Pymble


For Dog Boarding we recommend the Hanrob Pet Hotels. Where you can arrange Free Pick up and Drop off from our clinic.

Hanrob Hotel for Pets


Pet Insurance

We recommend pet insurance to give you peace of mind when your pet is ill. Please don’t wait until your pet has been diagnosed with a problem. Once a condition is pre-existing it is too late to get any benefit for this disorder from your pet insurance. One of the conditions most commonly claimed for is skin allergies and tick paralysis.

Although we do not recommend one particular pet insurance company we are able to sign-up any cat or dog from 8 weeks of age to 12 months of age for 4weeks FREE COVER whilst you do your research and decide which insurance company is best for you.

Ask our staff to sign up your pet now!

There is no payment required and no obligation to continue with petplan insurance after the 4weeks free.

Lovely words from customers


The Pymble Vet

Our team

Here at Pymble Vets we totally appreciate the importance of good communication and trust in the hospital environment.
We are so very lucky to love where we work and love the team we work with!
And you can feel comfortable knowing that we are all working together with the same goal to provide outstanding patient and client care to all who visit!

Dr. Martine Perkins


Areas of Interest: Small Animal Medicine, Ultrasound, Chemotherapy, Cardiology

Martine has 22 years of experience as a veterinarian.

She has worked in private practice both in Sydney and the UK. After working in general practice for a couple of years Martine went on to complete a fellowship training program in canine and feline medicine at Sydney University and has published several journal articles in her areas of interest. She was a Senior Medical Registrar at Sydney University Specialist Centre for 7yrs and has seen a wide variety of cases during her time there. In 2012 she decided to head back into general practice and set up the Pymble Vet Clinic. She has a special interest in ultrasound and chemotherapy.

Her free time is spent with her husband and two boys along with her rescue cat “Hugo” and 2 dogs: “Skippy”and “Duke”. Martine loves to run, ski and be outdoors.

Dr. Nicole Oreb

BVSc (Syd.Hons)

Areas of Interest: Small animal Medicine and Ultrasound

Nicole graduated from the University of Sydney with first class honours in 2009. Upon graduation she entered into small animal general practice mainly working on the northern beaches of Sydney. 

In 2014 she completed a 12 month internship at North Shore Specialist Centre in the area of internal medicine. She then returned to general practice for several years before joining the Pymble Veterinary Clinic team in 2020. 

Nicole is a local, having grown up in West Pymble, and is delighted to be back in the West Pymble community. 

Dr Lawrence Shen


Areas of Interest: Small Animal Medicine, Small Animal Surgery, Pathology

Pymble Veterinary Clinic is very excited to have Dr Lawrence Shen join the Veterinary Team! Lawrence actually did work experience here with Dr Martine when he was as a young Barker Student in year 11 and it was then that he set his sights on Veterinary Medicine. After completing high school he jumped straight into the combined Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and the Doctor of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney. Now, having finished his degree and having graduated from the University of Sydney Lawrence has returned to us at the clinic as a full-time Veterinarian.

Having worked at a busy aquarium during his first few years of veterinary school he was initially very focused on aquatic medicine. Since completing his final years at University and working in several busy small animal clinics he has gained a strong focus in small animal medicine and surgery!

Lawrence has quickly become an integral member of the team and is enjoying working at Pymble Veterinary Clinic immensely, appreciating the mentorship that the senior veterinarians provide. 

In his free time Lawrence enjoys bushwalking, exploring new beaches and swimming. He has a Krefft’s Turtle named Ophelia and a burgeoning population of Axolotls.


Kirsty Andrews

Practice Manager/ Senior Veterinary Nurse

Michaela Genev

Senior Veterinary Nurse

Allegra Pearson

Senior Veterinary Nurse

Elle Burton-Bradley

Senior Veterinary Nurse

Gina Shergill

Senior Veterinary Nurse

Danielle Moralas

Receptionist, Animal Attendant and Trainee Vet Nurse

Tess McIntyre

Vet Student, Animal Attendant and Trainee Vet Nurse

Taryn Craig


Our Facilities

Our first class facilities allow us to provide the best possible care for your pets