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Pymble Vet Clinic Phone Number : (02) 9499 4010

Please feel free to contact via phone or email to schedule a visit for your pet. Contact us if you are feeling unsure about the current well-being of your pet.

Our staff are available to see you and your pet, between Monday and Saturday at our clinic in Philip Mall in the heart of West Pymble.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please Phone: (02) 9452-2933

NEVS are trained emergency vets open 24hrs.

They will return your pet to our care in the morning if it is stable to do so.

Animals unable to be transferred will be cared for 24 hours.

Visit Website:

Northside Emergency Vet Service

If have just found a tick on my pet. What do I do?
Take a photo of the tick with a ruler next to it, so we can determine size. If you have tick twisters use these to remove the tick. Otherwise come in and let us remove it or just take it off with your fingers. Contact us to make an appointment. It may not be an emergency but if your dog is not on adequate tick prevention then it may well have another tick also. We suggest you search your pet and bring it to the vet for evaluation. Sometimes the signs of tick paralysis are delayed so even though you have removed the tick your pet may start to show signs in the next 12-24hrs. Better to contact us sooner rather than later.
What do I do if my dog has eaten chocolate?

Try to determine what type (% cocoa) and how many grams of chocolate your pet has eaten. Also if you know your pets weight that also helps. Phone us and our staff will calculate whether this is significant or not. If your pet has eaten a large amount of chocolate (especially dark chocolate >70% cocoa) it is likely you will need to come straight down to the clinic for us to make your dog vomit as soon as possible. Do not delay!

My pet has pulled out some sutures? Do I need to rush it to the clinic?
It depends what the sutures are holding. In most circumstances there is another layer of dissolvable sutures just under the skin so it is likely that this is not an emergency. I suggest you ring us to evaluate. If we are closed you can ring the after-hours clinic for advice. Most often this is not an emergency but something worth seeing at least the next day or later the same day so we can tidy things up.
My dog has vomited. What do I do?
Don’t panic. If your dog is unwell and has other symptoms make anappointment with us. If however your pet is happy and well you might want to see if there is anything obvious in the vomit, skip one meal and ensure that your pets worming and tick prevention is all up to date. If there is more than one vomit best to give us a call for advice.
My dog has diarrhoea? What do I do?
Try to think what you may have fed your pet that could have caused a tummy upset. It might be best to skip one meal and feed something bland like a tin of the Hills I/D food or some chicken and rice. Check your pets worming is up to date. If the diarrhoea persists call us to make an appointment.
My dog is itchy? Should I give it a flea shampoo?
NO. Flea shampoos just dry the skin and make your pet even more itchy. There are much better shampoos to wash your pet in. We like the PAWS range of shampoos with neutral ph and added ceramides. There are lots of very good flea and tick medications. Ask our staff for advice. It may not be fleas. Food or pollen and grass allergies are also a possibility. If your pet is itchy all the time or chewing its feet and rubbing its bottom then it is time to see your vet. Sometimes itchy dogs also have itchy ears and shake their head a lot.
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(02) 9452 2933

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