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Ask the right questions!
Does your new home allow dogs/ cats?

Have you made sure the property is secure and your dogs won’t be able to escape?

Are there safe areas around to exercise your dog?

Is there a space for your cat(s) to find peace and quiet and a place that is just their own?

Where are the best dog-walking parks? Before you move, why not Google dog-friendly areas and parks around your new suburb? If you’re looking for local recommendations, check out specific dog owner Facebook groups in your area for some insider recommendations. 

Find a vet! It’s also a good idea to find a local veterinarian ASAP and register your details with them.

Research any local pet rules that are in place for your area. Does your pet need to be registered? Your vet or local council will be able to help you with that.

Changes when packing!
Our pets are very good at picking up on changes in their environment and when we are feeling overwhelmed.

To help them feel at ease, try and keep things as normal as possible:

Feed them at the same time, take them out for their regular walks and if you can, try and leave packing their belongings until moving day.  Your dog will appreciate you keeping their familiar smells and sights around them.

Consider a Feliway diffuser for your cat to help ease them through the transition and help keep them calm

On the day

When the removalists arrive, keep your pets in a quiet room or a crate (if they’re crate trained) to help them feel more secure and ensure they don’t escape.

You could also board your dog or cat at the vet or a friend’s house for the day while you move.

Settling in
Before you start unpacking, it’s worth taking the time to help your pet adapt to their new environment. Take them around room by room and let them have a good old sniff.

You can even give them some yummy treats to help them associate the new pad with delicious goodies.

If it’s not too far, consider taking your dog to some of their favourite places after the move so they don’t feel like everything is different. It may be beneficial to try keep your dog’s routine as similar as possible and maintain training, so your dog knows where you want them to sleep, toilet and eat.

Consider a feliway diffuser for your cat to help them settle in

Update your pet’s details
Last but not least, make sure that you update your new address and contact information with your new council and Pet Registry NSW. If your pet goes missing, this will help you be quickly reunited with your furry pal!        

For further questions please call the Pymble Veterinary Clinic on 94994010

All the best with your move!